#Parmageddon by Tim Price

We suggested recently that the EU was a kind of magical mirror, in which observers saw what they wanted to see, as opposed to what was really there.


Perspectives on conduct risk in wealth management

Wealth managers with retail-banking affiliates can reasonably assume that new standards on the effective management of customer complaints and employee allegations will be applied at the enterprise level to universal banks.


Guernsey and London are complementary ILS markets

ILS business in London has been slow taking off to date, Guernsey practitioners heard on a roadshow earlier this year, which took in visits to lawyers and industry representatives in both London and Zurich.


#EUvacuate! by Tim Price

“In a dysfunctional monetary union, you pick your poison.”- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Daily Telegraph, 24 May 2018, ‘Juncker’s ‘torture tools’ are useless against Italy’s well-armed uprising’.


Deutsche bullish on wealth management

The announcement of 7,000 job cuts and a significant financial loss will not deter Deutsche Bank from its global strategy to increase its wealth assets under management, says its new CEO.