Family office expertise

UBP offers advice for families at the crossroad of choosing between single and multi-family office


The Future: The Virtual Family Office

Because of technological advancements and some very ingenious professionals, most any affluent family can get the same advantages of a single-family office.


How Family Offices Raised Their Game In 2019

Half of family office executives also reported a rise in operating business revenue, 43% an increase in the number of individuals or families their family office serves and 50% an increase in the degree of governance or reporting structures they have in p


Family offices embrace creative thinking

Most family offices have planned very carefully for 2020 with cash reserves in case there is a global growth slowdown, but there is still significant opportunity in the market.


The Rise of the Family Office

A greater share of the wealthy have looked to take firm control of their financial futures through single family offices or multi-family offices.