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Responsible deployment of AI in business
We believe that AI could become the most transformative workplace technology of the 21st Century, with the associated need for business leaders to assure themselves that they are deploying AI effectively and responsibly.
by: Slaughter and May | Date published : August 2017 [Download] | 1 downloads
Robo-advice: A true innovation in asset management
Robo-advisors are online investment platforms that use computer algorithms to manage client portfolios and are thus part of the FinTech universe.
by: Deutsche Bank | Date published : August 2017 [Download] | 0 downloads
Robo-advice is not a hype that will go away
Robo-advice is a hotly debated topic in the fintech space
by: Robeco | Date published : May 2017 [Download] | 1 downloads
Digital Onboarding
With trillions passing between generations each year, the need for a digital paperless process is key to being able to retain and grow AUM.
by: Wealth Dynamics | Date published : August 2017 [Download] | 7 downloads
UK Wealth Management at a crossroads
11 trends to watch
by: SEI | Date published : July 2017 [Download] | 112 downloads
Sustainable Finance Report
This 71-page paper by Deutsche Asset Management examines how activity in sustainable investing is gathering momentum.
by: Deutsche AM | Date published : June 2017 [Download] | 12 downloads
Future State of the Investment Profession
Pursuing better outcomes—for the end investor, the industry, and society
by: CFA | Date published : June 2017 [Download] | 13 downloads
The World Ultra Wealth Report 2017
The fifth edition of this flagship report analyses the state of the world’s ultra high net worth (UHNW) population
by: Wealth-X | Date published : June 2017 [Download] | 11 downloads
Global Wealth 2017
The overall growth of global private wealth picked up momentum in 2016, allowing for a good deal of regional variation.
by: Boston Consulting Group | Date published : June 2017 [Download] | 16 downloads
Family Offices and Cybersecurity
“Cybersecurity threats continue to grow in volume, complexity, and are increasingly more targeted against specific companies or people where the greatest financial gains can be achieved.”
by: Citi | Date published : May 2017 [Download] | 3 downloads
The seven key trends hedge fund managers must address to embrace rapid digital change
Technological change and digitization is now sweeping the financial services industry.
by: SS&C | Date published : May 2017 [Download] | 20 downloads
Boutique asset managers: The path to scale
Servicing a boutique asset manager requires a lot of effort, but often at a fraction of the revenues that a larger fund house brings in.
by: SS&C | Date published : May 2017 [Download] | 79 downloads
Digital Wealth
Burnmark looks at the trends, drivers and market dynamics of the digital wealth and robo-advisory space in the April 2017 report, in partnership with Robo-Investing Europe.
by: Burnmark | Date published : April 2017 [Download] | 5 downloads
GCC Wealth Insight Report 2017
The GCC Wealth Insight Report 2017 is based on a survey of 100 High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which comprises Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). For the purposes of
by: Emirates Investment Bank | Date published : March 2017 [Download] | 14 downloads
Billionaires Insights
Are billionaires feeling the pressure?
by: UBS/PwC | Date published : January 2017 [Download] | 5 downloads

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