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The new realities of premium mobility
Several trends are reshaping the premium-automotive market. New research lays out pragmatic actions that can help players craft a winning strategy.
by: McKinsey | Date published : November 2019 [Download]
Defining the Global Luxury Travel Ecosystem
This is the first report to size the global ecosystem of businesses closely connected to luxury travel, comprised of a complex mixture of food & drink, cultural activities, wellness, sporting events, performing arts and outdoor pursuits.
by: ILTM | Date published : November 2019 [Download]
The impact of technology on investment funds
Where does the industry sit in its technology journey? How good is it at applying innovation? And in which areas can it improve? Funds Europe, in association with Calastone, surveyed the industry to provide answers to these questions.
by: Calastone | Date published : November 2019 [Download]
Setting up an alternative fund in Europe: A guide for US-based managers
Do you know how recent updates to the tax code impact alternative investment managers? In this paper, learn from one of the largest fund administrators how developing trends impact private equity, closed-end funds, real assets and hedge funds.
by: SS&C | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Weighing the risks of an inefficient middle-office
What is at stake?
by: SS&C | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Global Wealth Report 2019
Global wealth rises by 2.6% driven by US & China, despite trade tensions
by: Creit Suisse | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Sharpening the Competitive Edge: A Tier 2 /Tier 3 Bank Perspective
The Euro region experienced a positive growth of 2.4% in 2017. However, the following two metrics indicate the banking industry did not perform well compared to 2015 and 2016.
by: ERI | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Assessment of Value: Managing data & design
Within the UK market there are approximately 2,345 unique funds, with approximately 11,100 share classes.
by: Broadridge | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Future 2024
One is the rise of artificial intelligence as a new heartland technology capable of disrupting every industry. The other is growing societal concern about global warming, which is set to transform the ecosystem of today’s financial markets.
by: BNY Mellon | Date published : September 2019 [Download]
SS&C Intralinks 2020 LP Survey
What General Partners Need to Know About Their Investors
by: SS&C | Date published : September 2019 [Download]
Address operational impacts and risks through component outsourcing services
In the quest to maximize portfolio returns in a sustained period of record low interest rates and yields, investments in complex asset classes are gaining greater acceptance among insurers and the asset managers that serve the insurance industry.
by: SS&C | Date published : August 2019 [Download]
WHITEPAPER: Turning Heirs into Clients
Are you prepared for the transfer of wealth from boomers to their heirs?
by: SS&C | Date published : August 2019 [Download]
Global Fintech Report
We use CB Insights to find emerging trends and interesting companies that might signal a shift in technology or require us to reallocate resources.
by: CB Insights | Date published : August 2019 [Download]
Future of Operations: Finding a Home for Fintech
Could new technologies free your workforce from ‘soulless business processes’ and allow them to focus on value-added client engagement?
by: Broadridge | Date published : July 2019 [Download]
Top 10 Trends in Wealth Management 2019
What you need to know
by: Capgemini | Date published : July 2019 [Download]
World Wealth Report 2019
The World Wealth Report 2019 is the industry’s leading benchmark for tracking high net worth individuals (HNWIs), their wealth, and the global and economic conditions that drive change in the Wealth Management industry.
by: Capgemini | Date published : July 2019 [Download]
South Africa Wealth Report 2019
The AfrAsia Bank South Africa Wealth Report 2019 provides insights gathered by our research partner, New World Wealth, on wealth trends in South Africa over the past 10 years.
by: AfrAsia Bank | Date published : June 2019 [Download]
Global Wealth 2019
Reigniting Radical Growth
by: Boston Consulting Group 2 | Date published : June 2019 [Download]
Building Transparency with API / Open Banking
Financial institutions have long been accumulating precious data about customers and their transactions, without taking full, or in some cases any, advantage of the effective value.
by: ERI | Date published : March 2019 [Download]
Forbes Insights: Accelerate Business Value with Intelligent Automation
Forbes Insights surveyed over 300 senior executives around the world and asked how and where they’re transforming their businesses with enterprise automation solutions, as well as the benefits—and barriers—to doing more.
by: Kofax | Date published : March 2019 [Download]
Offshore-i is an Appleby report that analyses offshore deal data and provides expert insight into the world of offshore transactions.
by: Appleby | Date published : March 2019 [Download]
European hospitality real estate market investment overview for 2019
International real estate investors have a positive outlook on the European hospitality market for 2019
by: Tranio | Date published : March 2019 [Download]
The global perspective on prime property and investment, including global wealth movements, property hotspots around the world and luxury investment trends.
by: Knight Frank | Date published : March 2019 [Download]
Research: Compliance and regulation in UK wealth management
Perspectives, budgets, views and intentions
by: JHC | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Boutique asset managers: The path to scale
The asset management community is unique, comprising organizations that run diverse strategies covering multiple regions and asset classes. Each has its own bespoke structure and setup, and its own obligations and requirements. Due to their size, boutique
by: SSC | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Credit Funds - The Growth of an Asset Class
Fund managers diversify their strategies to reduce risk and to deliver new and reliable sources of returns for end clients. As more institutional and alternative asset managers acknowledge the difficulties presented by today’s market conditions, such as c
by: SSC | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Artificial Intelligence: Real Opportunity
In recent years, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has rarely been far from the headlines.
by: Franklin Templeton | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Transforming the adviser-client experience
With some 60% of firms citing the need to improve the client experience as a high or very high priority for their business, wealth managers must listen and do more to engage with and retain their clients and continue to offer the best client experience.
by: Wealth Dynamix | Date published : January 2019 [Download]

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