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Challenges of Regulatory Reporting 2021
Throughout 2020, Regulatory Reporting obligations created a plethora of challenges across different organisations within the financial service industry. These challenges are set to continue into 2021 and beyond, as the sector continues to deal with unprec
by: AutoRek | Date published : January 2021
The Front-to-Back Office Report
How should financial institutions react to changing investor needs? And what are the most important topics in the Front, Middle, and Back Office of today and tomorrow? Avaloq’s Front-to-Back Office Report will answer just that.
by: Avaloq | Date published : January 2021
Future of Operations - Changing the Nature of Work
What have business leaders learned from the uncertainties of the present?
by: Broadridge | Date published : January 2021
Wealth Managers: Time to Shift your Technology Priorities
Digital transformation is a critical item on any wealth manager’s priority list.
by: SSC | Date published : January 2021
Personalizing advice from a digital distance
Surprising findings from Broadridge investor survey show how Covid-19 is deepening the bond between financial advisors and their clients.
by: Broadridge | Date published : January 2021
ESG and Sustainable Investing Around the World
A Look at the New Normal in Wealth Management
by: cor-financial | Date published : January 2021
Digital in wealth: what makes a future-ready firm?
How are the leading firms tackling the challenges and opportunities of digital wealth management?
by: CREALOGIX and Compeer | Date published : January 2021
UK Wealth Technology Landscape Report 2020
For any wealth manager in the UK, the report provides a uniquely focused, accessible and relevant resource that can be used in combination with The Wealth Mosaic website to support their technological knowledge, planning and strategy.
by: The Wealth Mosaic | Date published : January 2021

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