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ESG and Sustainable Investing Around the World
A Look at the New Normal in Wealth Management
by: cor-financial | Date published : November 2020
Digital in wealth: what makes a future-ready firm?
How are the leading firms tackling the challenges and opportunities of digital wealth management?
by: CREALOGIX and Compeer | Date published : November 2020
UK Wealth Technology Landscape Report 2020
For any wealth manager in the UK, the report provides a uniquely focused, accessible and relevant resource that can be used in combination with The Wealth Mosaic website to support their technological knowledge, planning and strategy.
by: The Wealth Mosaic | Date published : November 2020
Global Wealth Report 2020
lobal household wealth holds steady in 2020 despite economic turmoil
by: Credit Suisse | Date published : October 2020
Conversational banking transforms mobile client advice
Social messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or WeChat, fundamentally changed the way we interact with each other.
by: Avaloq | Date published : August 2020
API is the connector of Open Banking
The explosive growth in the use of application programming interface (API) is reshaping the way businesses communicate, how innovations are developed and delivered to customers.
by: PCCW Solutions | Date published : August 2020
From Chaos to Catalyst
Surf the pandemic shockwaves to keep your business relevant
by: Cognizant | Date published : May 2020
World FinTech Report 2020
FinTech collaboration is even-more essential now for banks to achieve customer-centricity
by: Capgemini | Date published : April 2020
Artificial Intelligence Gets Real
In this white paper, we explore 10 ways that investment managers can apply existing, real-world AI solutions to critical operational and accounting functions, along with the resulting potential cost savings.
by: SSC | Date published : April 2020
FREE WHITE PAPER: Five mistakes to avoid when implementing an SFTR solution
Under the new requirements any European Economic Area (EEA) firms - including any branches located in non-EEA countries - trading securities financing transactions (SFTs) will have to report the daily transaction, valuation, collateral, reinvestment, fund
by: SSC | Date published : March 2020
Technology Traps Wealth Managers Must Avoid
Over 11 succinct but insight-heavy chapters, we have experts highlighting all the issues #wealthmanagers need on their radars - ranging from the broad and strategic to the granular and technical.
by: ClearView Financial Media | Date published : March 2020
Report: SS&C Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor for Q2 2020
The SS&C Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor provides a six-month forecast of global and regional mergers & acquisitions (M&A) announcements, as well as actionable market intelligence, by tracking early-stage M&A activity
by: SSC | Date published : March 2020
Predicts 2020: Corporate Legal and Compliance Technology
A New Gartner Report
by: Exterro | Date published : March 2020
A GDPR Road Map for E-Discovery Professionals
Find out ways to leverage existing e-discovery technology and processes to create a long-term GDPR compliance at your organization
by: Exterro | Date published : March 2020
The drive for a global transfer agency model
Today, a large global fund complex is likely to be working with multiple transfer agents in its mutual fund business alone. It is not unusual for such firms to work with 10 or 12 transfer agents, and with different arms of the same organization.
by: SSC | Date published : March 2020
Digitizing the Client Experience to Compete and Grow
Driving your business for the long run.
by: SSC | Date published : March 2020
Artificial Intelligence: A European approach to excellence and trust
The white paper presents a framework for trustworthy AI based on excellence and trust, and sets out expectations of AI systems for both high-risk and low-risk cases.
by: European Commission | Date published : February 2020
Boost your client engagement - digitally
Achieving ‘Value at Scale’ with digital advice and enhanced client engagement Efficiency is paramount when considering financial services, but so is client interaction. In this paper, Luxoft and Adviscent discuss how balancing automation and scale with a
by: Avaloq | Date published : January 2020

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