Japanese Insurer Sued Over Van Gogh Painting

They claim in the filing that Sompo had wrongfully benefited from the Sunflowers painting for many years while both knowing that the painting is a casualty of Nazi policies and falsely misrepresenting that it is not.


Capital gains tax takings reach record level

Data obtained through FOI by private equity firm Growthdeck and provided to Spear’s shows that in the year to October 2022 the government increased its annual total CGT receipts by 27.5 per cent, up to £15.3 billion.


CS First Boston – Payday For the Klein Brothers

Klein's boutique will be merged with CS First Boston to which Credit Suisse plans to outsource large parts of its international investment banking and sell it to third parties in a further step.


Top 5 Tax Strategies Used By Millionaires

One key strategy millionaires deploy when using this method is doing so in a way that ensures the original business and the management company have different fiscal year ends.