The Rise of Fiscal Dominance

It should not be forgotten that, as the global financial crisis unfolded, the US Federal Reserve led the response by cutting interest rates to zero and deploying its balance sheet for the first time in its history to battle the deflationary shock.


Swiss private bank EFG sued by ex-basketball star

The three-time champion in the American professional league NBA accuses a customer advisor of the predecessor bank Banca della Svizzera Italiana (BSI) of colluding with his personal financial advisor Paolo Banfi and embezzling 11 million dollars.


Waiting for clarity on an Italian government

Italy’s consumer prices rose 8.4% in July, compared with a year earlier. Inflation in the eurozone rose by an annualised 9.1% in August, from 8.9% in July, estimates Eurostat, the EU’s statistics agency.


SIX Benefiting from Sino-American Audit Debate

Last month American and Chinese officials agreed to allow Chinese accounting firms to share more information with US regulators about the finances of Chinese companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges.