Anti-money laundering: Dos and Don'ts

In short, AMLRs require financial services providers (FSPs) engaging in relevant financial business to establish systems to detect things like money laundering and terrorist financing.


Finma adds new firm to warning list

The regulator’s list includes companies that may be carrying out unauthorised or unsupervised wealth management and banking services.


Bern Taps Banks on Foreign Policy

The surprising conclusion comes as Bern cultivates closer ties to Switzerland's finance industry; the banking lobby's CEO is the former top Swiss finance diplomat, Joerg Gasser.


Over 130,000 high net-worth individuals served tax notices

The incumbent government has been successful in broadening the tax base during the its first year in the office, as data showed that around 783,039 new taxpayers filed returns with the tax department as a result of various schemes, including a tax amnesty


QC Corner: James Ramsden QC

The UK court will decide a claim brought by a Russian investor allegedly defrauded when large quantities of bitcoin were sent to an FX trader with the intention that it be converted to $US.