Quilter eyes armed forces for adviser recruits

Veterans exhibit many of the capabilities and values we as a business look for in our people and this initiative aims to support these people as they transition into their new careers."


Falcon's Link to Goldman Sachs

One of the bankers, former southeast Asia head Tim Leissner, accuses Goldman of fostering a culture which glossed over doubts about the dealings in favor of juicy fees.


SIX welcomes contingency measure of Swiss Federal Council

Based on the new “ recognition regime”, FINMA will only grant recognition if the jurisdiction, in which the foreign trading venue is located, permits investment firms in that jurisdiction to trade in Swiss shares in Switzerland without restric


Banks’ Wealth Management Rules Take Effect

The final rules, which will impact the country’s 30 trillion yuan ($4.4 trillion) wealth management product (WMP) market, allow banks’ asset management units to raise public stock funds and invest up to 35% of their total assets under manageme