US insurance group sues Old Mutual

The JSE-listed insurance group said the case was "in relation to pre-existing [London] head office legacy items relating to previously disposed of US assets".


Hong Kong Suspends UBS From IPO Sponsoring

«UBS intends to appeal the decision,» the Swiss bank said in the legal disclosure section of its annual report, which means the suspension won't enter into force yet. The SFC wasn't immediately available for comment


Can Regulations Temper the ICO Craze?

Regardless of the gravity of restrictions, these regulatory efforts, especially those made by major economies, appear to impact both the local and international crypto markets.


HMRC warns offshore tax dodgers

Anyone with offshore assets is being warned to make sure they disclose them, or they could face new, tougher penalties.


Family trials and tribulations

Were they still of sound mind when writing the second will or did someone exert undue influence upon them?