«Breaking Bad» in Banking

Authorities found a professional laboratory equipped to manufacture synthetic drugs including crystal meth.


Ex-Falcon Board Members Charged

The two are being investigated by Swiss prosecutors and the banking regulator, which allege they used their position on Falcon's board to enable 1MDB to conduct unlawful business.


Guernsey courts endorsed for “big ticket” disputes

Mr Kosky praised the Guernsey courts for a “virtually paperless” trial and a judgment made within nine months of the hearing concluded, particularly, he said, when Guernsey had little track record of litigation of such a size.


Substance Requirements by SMP Partners

Whilst these are significant changes and will increase the level of documentation and reporting required, it is likely that most companies will either meet the substance requirements or will not be caught by the new rules.


SocGen to pay $1.3 billion to settle U.S. sanctions case

“The absence of an effective, global sanctions-compliance infrastructure and lack of management oversight allowed Société Générale employees to ignore the scope and applicability of laws governing economic sanctions, as w


UBS Securities pays $120,000 infringement notice

UBS purchased approximately 18 million securities over a 7-month period in relation to the buy-backs in circumstances where UBS purchased the securities other than by the matching of orders on an order book. UBS reported the transactions to ASX as ‘


Understanding EU anti-money laundering law

This article highlights key aspects of the EU’s fourth and successive directives, which are an important part of Europe’s response to financial crime.