Hedge funds brace for euro zone break-up

Managers are also trying to dig out old computer programs they once used to model the behavior of currencies such as the drachma or the deutschmark as they prepare for an event for which -- even after the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers -- they effective


Gottex to cut paypackets despite beating its industry

The company is continuously reviewing its cost base and operating efficiencies and in light of the slowdown in asset flows, management will be targeting a further 15% of operating efficiencies in 2012 on a like for like basis, predominantly through reduce


Investing in Private Placements in Asia

Heffcap have Private Placements on offer in Asia including Mining, Agriculture, Ports and Hotel and Resort Developers listed in Asia or bound for IPO’s in Asia.


Measuring the Impact of Gold ETFs

However, the relationship between ETF holdings and the price of gold isn’t clear-cut and may not be a reliable indicator for short-term moves, according to Wall Street analysts.


SocGen, BNP Job Cuts Reflect Wilting Ambition of Paris Banks

France’s top three corporate-and-investment banking, or CIB, units, with combined global sales of 25 billion euros in 2010, are cutting 1,800 jobs at home. Although a fraction of the more than 200,000 job losses announced by financial firms globally


The world’s most exclusive business card is diamond encrusted

Targeting ultra high net worth individuals across Europe, the Middle East and Asia; Black Astrum offers its clients the ultimate business card, carefully crafted to be a highly distinctive symbol of status and wealth. Read more: The world’s most ex


Jean Paul Gaultier designs gold bullion bar

Billed as a 'fashionable way for investors to diversify holdings and hedge against inflation' (you can tell this wasn't written by a fashion PR), Gaultier's 24 karat bar is engraved with a heart, sun rays and the designer's name o


American Platinum Eagle Bullion Coins May Return in 2012

The American Platinum Eagle was introduced in 1997, complementing the US Mint’s existing gold and silver bullion coin offerings. The Platinum Eagles were struck in .9995 purity and available in one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-t


Ethical Investment Survey Welcomed as 'Great tool' by AAA

The Barchester survey looks to whether certain funds within the ethical and environmental sector are living up to their long-term goals and generating return for investors. The top-ranked fund for 2011 was the Aviva Sustainable Future Managed Fund, which