BMW's $1 billion plant surfs Mexican investment wave

Luxury car maker BMW revealed a $1 billion Mexican plant investment on Thursday, becoming the latest in a line of major automakers to take advantage of the country's growing industrial base and tariff-free access to the U.S. market.


Monet Thrives, Giacometti Dives

Before the recession, collectors were willing to pay more for an Impressionist or modern masterpiece than they were for anything created after World War II.


High-octane deals propel brands into pole position

For Arbuthnot Latham, it marked the high point of a decade of motorsport sponsoring. “In the past, not many historic racing cars carried logos,” Mr Denman says. “But now there is more of that and cars with our logo end up in races, museu


New Audi A6 stops itself if driver fails

THE next generation of Audi's upmarket A6 saloon will offer an emergency driver assistance function which can stop the car if the driver falls ill at the wheel.


When art means beauty and money

Throughout much of the history of cultural production, art has been purchased because of the pleasure it’s brought to the art lover.