Africa to breed more of world millionaires

“This is more than the new entrants to the millionaire class in high-income countries outside North America and Europe,” notes the report, adding that this change is even more pronounced in the UHNW segment.


Strong growth of Norwegians' wealth: report

The proportion of the population of so-called low income, which is lower than 60 percent of the average income, has been increasing ever since 2010 and was 11.2 percent of the total population in 2017.


The Worst Luxury Cars of 2018

Some have shoddy interior materials lining their walls, others lack the power and torque to make them equal to competitors.


Asia's mega rich take a hit with US$137b in losses in 2018

“Difficult stock market conditions this year and the uncertainty of the trade tensions likely have been a challenge to many businesses,” said Philip Wyatt, a Hong Kong-based economist for UBS Group AG, who doesn’t see the downdraft conti


McKinsey on Asia’s Asset Manager

The new study of the Asian market for asset management draws on this Cube, as well an on interviews, and the Global Asset Management Benchmarking Survey.