New Wealth Advisors Rebrands

The new brand identity emphasizes the Firm's fundamental focus on the management of "assets" that an individual or institution owns or controls with the expectation that, over time, they increase in value and provide future benefit.


RBC selling its Swiss private banking business

Headquartered in Geneva, RBC Suisse provides private banking and wealth management services to high net worth clients globally, with a particular focus on emerging markets, including clients from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.


Wealthy foreigners consider their future in London

This will capture senior figures from hedge funds, private equity and banks — typically among the highest earners in the City, who pay tax on their UK earnings. They now have until 2017 to comply with the full UK tax regime.


Governments roll out red carpet for rich foreigners

When countries try to draw in rich foreigners, it is not just tax privileges that are on offer. A growing number of countries — including about half of the EU — are selling residency rights.