Shining Shoes Best Way Wall Street Women Outearn Men

Female personal care and service workers, which include butlers, valets, house sitters and shoe shiners, earned $1.02 for every $1 their male counterparts made in 2010, according to census data compiled by Bloomberg.


New private bank stores £25m war chest for buys

Chief executive Ray Entwistle, former chairman of Adam & Co, said if the firm’s next round of fund raising was successful and the team decides to go ahead with the venture, the private bank will build a dedicated investment capability.


Banks strive for concessions in Asia

KEB is considering enhancing “the private banking business, focused on wealthy Koreans residing in countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong.”


China 'wealth exodus' underestimated

The scale of the exodus of wealth from China caused by investor immigration is much larger than previous estimated, according to China Daily's interviews with emigration agents and experts.


How wealth management has changed since 2000

In the past 10 years, investors have seen several historic names absorbed by banking giants or rivals, while the survivors watched the rise of aggressive and ambitious boutique firms.


Asia-Pacific Billionaires: Net-Net Negative

Choppy stock markets took the sheen off the world’s new billionaire factory, ­the Asia-Pacific region, with three dozen Chinese and nine Indians dropping from last year’s list.