The Single-Family Office Evolution

“Outsourcing family office services can actually increase control for clients by allowing greater customization in creating the family wealth plan. Ultra-wealthy inheritors are even more likely to be personally involved in shaping the structure of t


London-based multi-family office pioneers re-brand

"Having combined the two firms’ deep experience, we are very much fit for purpose with a refreshed commitment to delivering exceptional risk-adjusted investment results. We seek to be a default choice for wealthy families and foundations requir


DMCC expands its single family office services

DMCC Free Zone expands service offering for its members with new license structure for Single Family Offices Over 100 delegates including business owners, investors, chartered accountants, asset managers and professional services representatives attend l


Multi­family office to open in Dubai

The firm hopes to receive a licence to operate in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in the next few months, with a view to attracting more clients in the region. It started the application process in mid­2014.