Family Investment Funds Go Hunting for Wall St. Expertise

Family offices have quietly handled the financial affairs of the nation’s wealthiest households for generations, privately playing the role of money manager and life planner to the likes of the Rockefellers and the Mellons.


Former Van Eck analyst joins Syzygy Family Office ‎

“Family offices used to lead the way in hedge funds and now they are competing with pension funds,” he said. “They don’t get the kind of access they prefer so that means they are going to have to digest the vast number of emerging


Silver Bridge appoints family office entrepreneur

In addition to these duties, Mr. Fisher will serve as a Faculty Advisor for the Silver Bridge Institute, bringing educational content to families and family office professionals, and helping to support the expansion of the Silver Bridge Center for Family


Al-Rajhi Group joins Pearl Initiative

The Pearl Initiative is a private sector-led, not-for-profit initiative set up in cooperation with the United Nations Office of Partnership.