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Asked to define luxury, the head of one of the world's best-known luxury goods makers simply looked baffled


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The ruble, which lost 40 percent against the euro last year, has crippled demand from Russians for luxury goods, and many labels are growing concerned the trend could last, with no end in sight for the conflict in Ukraine.


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Purveyors of high-end luxury goods are chasing millionaires in the United States, as upper-income spending falters in Europe and in the emerging markets once considered luxury's promised land. And the wealth, they say, is not just confined to the Ame


Millennials & Their Luxury Aspirations

The consumer market is poised to experience the biggest generational shift in wealth and affluence since the Baby Boomers emerged as the core target market.


Video: Pagani Huayra's Most Thorough Review

There aren’t many cars out there that can outshine a Pagani hypercar in terms of exclusivity, Swiss watch-like attention to detail or gorgeous interiors, and the Huayra is the latest example to further enforce that principle.