We are looking for a symbol that reflects how we feel. Water is a dynamic element. It knows how to overcome any obstacle, it keeps flowing forward. We thought about an essential symbol that brings you seamlessly to your future. Water is agile and versatile; it quickly adapts and reacts. Like water, we reshape to fit to different client needs. We designed an agile symbol that decomposes and recombines in individual business solutions for each one of you. Water is energy. Its energy reshapes and changes our world. Like water, digital technology disrupts and renews our lives. We chose a symbol powered by a coloured, hi-tech, digital energy: the refreshing technology that simplifies our lives. Water is life. Water whirls like DNA to convey vital information, transformation and growth. The symbol evolves its structure. It takes you on a digital journey: from our blue FinTech to your green success. FLUID, AGILE, DIGITAL, GROWTH. WE FOUND THE PERFECT MATCH.

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