Greed is no longer good, says King

“Now I think they don’t want to earn money if it has been earned in a way that creates enormous damage to society – and I think that’s a good thing.”


More wrong tax codes from HMRC

The introduction of RTI hasn’t gone well for HMRC, with incorrect tax codes being issued that could result in a worryingly large number of employees missing out on their P11D benefits.


The credit kulaks

He describes the variety of institutions and instruments that operate and innovate in the shadow of China’s mammoth banks, where they are hard for the authorities to see


Why EFG's tough choices were the right ones

For EFG International, the plan after its IPO in 2005, says chief executive officer John Williamson, was to grow the institution organically and by acquisition.


Threadneedle Investments launches new Foundation

Threadneedle’s support will help The Art Room to maximise capacity in existing London Art Room centres, where impact is significantly limited by funding constraints that restrict opening to three days per week


The Guernsey Experiment

Moneyweek published an article earlier this year entitled The End of Britain, making the case for an imminent debt-driven downturn.