NAB, Crescent Wealth Seek To Tap Appetite For Islamic Bonds

Growing appetite for Islamic finance is spurring both large and small Australian financials to boost their offering of Sharia-compliant fixed-income assets, the head of the country's first Islamic wealth manager said on Thursday.


Hedge-Fund Chief Plans Sparkling Wine in U.K. Vineyard

“Why sit in front of a computer screen for the rest of your life watching prices go up and down when watching grapes grow is so much less stressful?” Driver said yesterday in an interview at Rathfinny, where the sound is of seagulls and you ne


Gold gained 480% in 10 years

Rhodes, who has been involved in the international precious metals business since 1978, took part in a panel debate today on the future of the US Dollar, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), and commodities, at the 51st ACI Financial Markets World Congres


Deutsche to open gold vault in London

In London, centre of the global bullion market, vault space is running low and numerous companies are attempting to break into the market.


UBS, Barclays prepare deal for Dream hotel

Demand for securities tied to everything from suburban strip malls to luxury lodgings is surging as investors wager that, with unemployment at its lowest level since February 2009, commercial-property owners will be able to cover their mortgage payments.


Clariden LGT move expected by May

Swiss asset manager LGT Capital Management acquired the 10-strong Clariden Leu insurance-linked team -which has more than $2bn of funds under management - earlier this month.


UK government launches scheme to recycle precious metals

Faced with a rising global demand for consumer goods and an increasing reliance on specialty metals from abroad, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman published the Resource Security Action Plan to make sure UK businesses are more resilient to any change