Investors are Underweight Commodities - Credit Suisse survey

Credit Suisse conducted the survey as part of its 2012 New York City Commodities Day on Tuesday, June 26, with a gathering of about 320 clients covering a wide cross section of institutional investors, distributors, mutual funds and hedge funds.


Hedge Fund Index Ends May On Sour Note

The Dedicated Short Bias and Fixed Income Arbitrage sectors experienced the largest asset inflows on a percentage basis in May, with inflows of 1.39% and 0.59% from April 2012 levels


ABN AMRO Private Banking moves to Overweight on hedge funds‎

Underweight allocations are held for commodities and fixed income, with high-quality corporate bonds preferred – particularly in Asia. The bank remains wary of safe-haven government debt, with record low yields vulnerable to interest-rate rises.


Macquarie Private Wealth Reports on Uranium Market

Over the course of a year, a one million kilowatts (1,000 MWe) coal-fired power station consumes about 3.2 million tonnes of black coal; to produce the same amount of power, a nuclear power plant consumes only about 24 metric tonnes of uranium.


Co-operative and Standard Life vote against WPP pay

The level of discontent over the pay packages of chief executive Sir Martin and fellow directors is such that “the working assumption” is that a substantial proportion of the shareholder vote could go against WPP’s remuneration report, a