Greek minister slams Swiss over tax evasion

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has taken a swipe at Switzerland for providing only limited information about wealthy tax evaders from cash-strapped Greece who are believed to have stashed billions of euros in Swiss banks.


Cyprus trust plus Panamanian foundation – an unrivalled stucture

As far as one can remember and for as long as tax laws have been in existence, there has been a lot of speculation about and examination of structures asking how these can best be implemented to provide its users with the best possible tax planning soluti


Follow the money: inside the world's tax havens

From the Cayman Islands to Jersey, tax havens are busier than ever – a secretive world of offshore accounts and shell companies. Nothing to do with you? Then you win my Hermit of the Year prize


PRA bans bonuses for management of tax-payer backed banks

Following responses to the consultation paper, the PRA and FCA will now explore further the option of requiring buy-out awards to be held in a form that permits them to be subject to malus by the previous employer.