US-Swiss tax treaty passes large parliamentary hurdle

The treaty would allow the US to make a request for judicial assistance without supply the names and addresses of the US residents suspected of offshore tax evasion if there is clear evidence that a bank or its employees are suspected of encouraging such


Swiss lawmakers set for tax plan vote

Switzerland's lower house will vote on a proposal clarifying how Switzerland would hand over data on wealthy Americans suspected of dodging taxes at home.


Baillie Gifford appoints Kii Hub for KIID solution

Asset managers already using the Kii Hub solution include Aberdeen Asset Management, Jupiter Investment Management Group, Ignis Asset Management, Martin Currie Investment Management and Neptune Investment Management.


Tax avoidance clampdown: Barclays statement in full

Barclays said it was the bank at the centre of a clampdown by Britain on two tax avoidance schemes that the government said would close loopholes and raise more than £500m in tax. Here is the bank's statement:


German Foundation Eyes Wealth Tax Reforms

In its release, the Foundation explains that although private net wealth in Germany is four times public debt, the state nevertheless does not sufficiently tax large wealth.


HMRC launches tax evasion task force

In what has been described as a "gloves off" approach, HMRC will be launching the new task forces in the 2012/13 tax year, which begins April 6.


Metals trader fraudster given extra seven years

The banks – including West LB, JP Morgan Chase and Dresdner Bank – lost more than £400m after they were duped into backing a series of bogus metal shipment trades by Rastogi's firm RBG Resources and related companies.


Citi, UBS provide keys to widening interest rate-rigging probe

Citigroup and UBS, in a series of disclosures to law-enforcement officials, have provided crucial information to investigators in multiple countries as part of inquiries into whether the world's biggest banks manipulated a global benchmark interest r