Who’s next on HMRC’s hit list?

The media recently seems to have been full of stories about tax avoidance – but do they really mean avoidance or do they mean evasion? It seems to me that the line is getting increasingly blurred.


Klayman & Toskes continues action against UBS

The Securities Arbitration Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes has announced that it is continuing to pursue securities arbitration claims against UBS Financial Services UBS with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's ("FINRA") Office o


Swiss “Tax Evasion Advisers” Hid Assets, Used Kids

Two Swiss men who acted as “full service tax evasion advisers” helped U.S. clients hide hundreds of millions of dollars from tax authorities, while delivering cash in hotels and through a child courier, prosecutors said.


Millionaire accused of trying to sell fake wine for $1.3m

Prosecutors in New York charged Rudy Kurniawan, 35, with "multiple fraudulent schemes" relating to his wine business between 2007 and 2012, including attempting to sell fake wine and fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars in loans.


UBS, Deutsche Bank Fight U.K. Over Taxes on 2003 Bonus Plans

UBS AG (UBSN) and Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) said they don’t owe taxes over a 2003 compensation plan U.K. authorities argue was designed to avoid millions of pounds in taxes and national insurance contributions on employee bonuses.


Cayman-based firm makes waves here

The Cayman Islands-headquartered law firm wasted no time in launching an aggressive head-hunting campaign, poaching numerous market-leading partners and lawyers from A&L Goodbody, Matheson Ormsby Prentice and Arthur Cox.


KPMG audit clears SNB governing board

The audit was commissioned by the SNB after former chairman Philipp Hildebrand resigned in January amidst a furore over international financial transactions carried out by his wife.


SA’s dollar millionaires fret over tax hikes

The subject of taxes paid by the rich is topical, particularly in countries such as the US and France where some want to be taxed at a higher rate to deflect criticism about a widening income gap between the poor and the wealthy.


US eases pressure on Switzerland over taxes for now

Swiss lawmakers passed a proposal on Monday allowing Switzerland to hand over data on suspected tax evaders, even if U.S. tax authorities cannot identify alleged offenders by name or bank account.


Morningstar launches new alternative investments center

In addition to the new Alternatives tab, the site now contains Morningstar market tools and an expanded video library featuring interviews with top portfolio managers and newsmakers, analysts, and some of the leading voices in the advisory community, alon