Oscar de la Renta uses site relaunch to fine-tune f-commerce

The new OscardelaRenta.com was debuted earlier this week and includes styling tips, videos, commerce and behind-the-scenes elements. The new site also has interactive elements that intertwine the buying and social media experience for a new kind of ecomme


Invest in luxury despite low growth

be it Swiss watches, where the first watchmakers guild in the world was formed in 1601, Italian fashion that is thought to have started with the renaissance of the 14th century


The Chinese are searching for the Body Beautiful

According to experts, there may well be a growing appetite for the Body Beautiful, and many of the larger chains have invested heavily in their hope of attracting business, but at the same time, the rate of expansion has now tipped the industry into over-


A look at Mercedes-Benz future products

They are the next generation of the A- and B-class cars that U.S. executives previously rejected because of their hatchback design and uninspired styling.


Luxury brands reap bonanza in emerging Asia markets

The results beat analysts' expectations and allayed fears that the cooling down of China's economy would dampen luxury sales. Company bosses even expressed confidence that year-end figures would show continued growth.


A1 1.4T a squirrel on a Red Bull high

Though not quite in the GTI league there’s plenty of entertainment factor and zippy performance available from the flagship version of the new A1 Sportback range, which sells for R319 500.


The real cost of luxury

One justification for the economic policies that go under the name of reform is that the poor gain by a trickle-down effect. But the effects do not always trickle down.


Chinese Appetite for Luxury Ebbs

Sales of everything from gold watches to leather handbags are declining, although they are still robust by global standards.