St. James's Place Market Bulletin - Shakes not quakes

In light of market volatility, it is important to remember that global GDP growth looks healthy; China’s growth rate still remains significantly higher than the global average and calmer days should follow a Fed rate rise.


Some Autumn Planning by Justin Urquhart Stewart

Well that was another summer of volatility fading into the mist and during the dog days of August it was China that filled the headlines and columns of the increasingly slim looking newspapers.


Posh boys behaving badly

The really serious allegation, that Cameron knew about the peer's offshore tax status well before he said he did...


And the winner of the 2015 Rugby World Cup is …HMRC

If you consider the VAT on ticket sales and receipts from hospitality and travel, HMRC does very well out of sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup. But if the Chancellor really wants to help deliver similar events in the future and even increase muc


St. James's Place Market Bulletin - Playing safe

The most important event of the week was, in fact, a non-event – the US Federal Reserve chose not to raise interest rates. The downbeat comments which accompanied the news prompted some rotation out of equities and into bonds.


How Wealth Management Is a Lot Like Boxing

Despite everything I’ve learned from dodging left hooks, practicing undercuts and sparring with my peers, I believe this quote from Mike Tyson relates to all aspects of life: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” It