The sandwich generation by Penny Lovell

Sabine Heubner, in The Family in Roman Egypt*, describes how parents in second and third century Roman Egypt were expected to “feed and clothe their children, watch over their moral development, celebrate their coming of age, provide their sons with


Does it pay to ‘Sell in May’? - Tilney Bestinvest

With the start of May just days away, should investors heed the old adage to ‘Sell in May and go away, don’t come back till St. Leger Day’, which advocates selling out of the stock market for the summer months?


St. James's Place - Brexit fears have subsided

John Wood of J O Hambro, and fund manager of the St. James’s Place’s General Progressive fund believes that large multinational companies may have their headquarters in London but “their performance is not driven necessarily by what happ


Surviving Mission Creep by Tim Price

o there is another reason why Europe isn’t growing and it’s one the central bank can do nothing about. Namely, the 19 governments of the Eurozone and the super-state in Brussels have essentially outlawed it


Goldilocks levels for US home inventories

This sustained improvement mirrors the state of the US labour market. Participation rates, which measure the active portion of the economy, edged up to 63.0% in March, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics data.


UBS, Favored by Bank Investors, Hits Snag in Wealth Expansion

UBS clients in regions including Brazil, Russia, the Middle East and Asia, reacting to losses in stock markets or businesses exposed to energy prices, sat out the turbulent second half of 2015 and yanked a net 3.2 billion Swiss francs ($3.3 billion) in as