Year of the Fire Monkey

2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey and with that institutional investors need to be aware of hidden risks and signals.


It goes on. And on. And on by Tim Price

The following commentary was first published in July 2013. Current events would seem to justify republishing it, in somewhat modified form, today.


The looming Stamp Duty surcharge for landlords

Consultation on the Government’s proposal to introduce higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax has just closed, and we wait to see what, if any, changes there may be. If the proposals stay the same, the higher rates will be three percentage points above


Schroders: Where we are seeing market opportunities and risks

At Schroder's annual investment dinner, held in London, fund managers exchanged views on the current and future potential opportunities in markets around the world. Here, we round-up their insights on a challenging market environment.


Regulation of banks "part of the problem"

Professor Kay proposed that governments force banks to separate their retail and investment banking activities, and even require investment banks to be further broken up into smaller businesses that would house single activities, such as bond trading or m