The right amount of tax? Who decides? by Rebecca Reading

It’s been an interesting week for tax and the multinationals, with much made in the press about Google’s £130 million tax deal with HMRC, and further announcements on anti-tax avoidance measures expected. The strong views expressed show


Coutts: Market Update: Staying calm in the storm

Markets have gone sharply against us so far this year, but the actual underlying economic fundamentals continue to support our positive view for 2016. It may continue to be painful in the short run, but as long-term investors we are taking the view that t


Logic on fire by Penny Lovell

Mark Carney has this week yet again postponed the likelihood of an interest rate rise, due to the turmoil in the global economy and weaker UK growth.


Oil a load of nonsense by Tim Price

Who’s afraid of cheap oil ?” asks ‘The Economist’ on its front page this week. Judging by the last fortnight in the stock market, just about everybody is.


Chinese whispers - St. James's Place Market Bulletin

“There is no doubt the Chinese economy is experiencing a substantial slowdown,” said Chris Ralph, chief investment officer at St. James’s Place. According to Richard Oldfield of Oldfield Partners, and fund manager of the St. James’


Coutts: Silver lining in January clouds: Global Markets Weekly

The sharp declines across all major equity markets so far this year have certainly been painful. But we remain convinced that the underlying economic fundamentals are supportive and that our ‘pro-equity’ stance is appropriate for longer-term i


Bear necessities by Tim Price

“At first sign of crisis, the ignorant don’t panic because they don’t know what’s going on. Then later they panic precisely because they don’t know what’s going on.” - Jarod Kintz.


China's Five Fatal Flaws

It should not be a huge surprise that China is a source of global economic turbulence. After all, in 2010, James Chanos — the short seller who famously profited from the collapse of Enron – noisily announced his bearish position on China.