Benjamin, Woody and my nightmare by Penny Lovell

While I’m not entirely certain that Ben Franklin ever did say "a penny saved is a penny earned", I do know that Woody Allen said “money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons."


Small is beautiful II by Tim Price

Size isn’t just a barrier to efficiency in asset management. Beyond a certain limit, size threatens operational performance in just about every facet of life. In the words of the late Dr. Albert Bartlett, emeritus professor of physics at the Univers


PGA Tour commissioner: 'Enthusiasm' for Olympic golf

With the Olympic men's golf competition to be played from August 11-14, the year's final major, the PGA Championship, has been brought forward to late July from its traditional date in the second week of August.


Friday 13th – unlucky for investors?

On Friday, you may still wish to keep a hold of a rabbit’s foot and treat mirrors with extra care, but it really shouldn’t be a day to avoid the stock markets