58% Of Advisers Says Brexit Will Not Impact Their Business

In its annual Adviser Sentiment Summer Survey 2016, Panacea gathered views from over 60 advisers on some of the biggest issues currently impacting the financial advice sector including the recent Brexit vote, which 42% of advisers believe could prove dama


The mass escape from reality by Tim Price

“..Built into the speculative episode is the euphoria, the mass escape from reality, that excludes any serious contemplation of the true nature of what is taking place.


Catering for women investors

Boston Consulting Group’s Global Wealth 2016 report, which was based on a survey of 130 women wealth managers, says women held an estimated 30% of global private wealth last year and expects the number to grow strongly in the next five years.


Can wealth management help the next generation of investors?

A study from Jump$tart and Capital One showed that 79% of American parents see themselves as positive financial role models — yet 42% have not even discussed basic money skills with their children. Parents can’t teach what they don’t kno


Fintech: Is the Party Over?

Invoicing in traditional banking remains a business that still involves the use of plenty of paper, making it prone to error and inefficient.


Chinese 'ultra-rich' hits 89,000: Hurun Report

The Southern province of Guangdong overtook Beijing for the first time as home to the biggest number of wealthy individuals, with 240,000 who have 10 million yuan or more, a growth rate of 17.65 percent.


Winemakers raise a glass to Brexit

Bordeaux wine has been linked to the UK since Henry II acquired the region in 1152 as part of the dowry of his bride Eleanor of Aquitaine, making England a top export market.