May 7th at dawn - Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild

Hesitating between new-found confidence and resurgent doubts, Patrick Ségal, former member of the Executive Comittee, takes us on a whirlwind tour of the global economy. He doesn't mince his words in his comments on France


Muppets 1 Gollums 0 By Tim Price

You are about to experience the most unbelievable week in America ever, and we have to prepare for the absolutely worst case,Dimon told his staff..


BMO Harris Private Banking Market Report

BMO Harris Private Banking today released its latest market commentary report, Equities Advance as Fears Ease. The report notes an improvement in the outlook for the eurozone and a continued advance in global equity markets.


Back to 1952 - Coutts & Co

Does it make sense for longer-term investors to hold government bonds when better yields are available from dividends?


We are richer in 2012, but are we happier?

The research claims that even though Britons are three times richer than they were in 1952, and UK GDP has dramatically increased, so has the Government's budget deficit.


Bankers Behaving Badly Are No Black Swans

It’s hard to feel too sympathetic for wealthy financiers caught behaving badly. But considering the stress of the job, and simple statistics, it shouldn’t be too shocking to hear of Wall Streeters stabbing a cabbie or defecating in public. Mor


Euro treads water, at the deep end - Coutts & Co

We believe the potential for negative events in Europe will keep the euro on the defensive against the dollar and sterling, but the downside looks limited in the near term given investors in general are already broadly holding negative positions.


Bernanke speech crushes silver rally

Investors seemed to react not to what the Fed President said, but rather to what he didn’t say. However, the sell-off was short-lived and today silver has been clawing its way back.