Paying the piper….

HM Revenue & Customs have now started to issue the £100 penalty notices to those people in self-assessment that did not submit their return by the deadline of 2 February 2012.


Learning a lesson from the Americans

Following my comments about the missing financial infrastructure in the UK, I was recently comparing the US banking and financial structures with our own.


Looking beyond the Greek tragedy

Central banks continue to ease policy and risk appetite amongst investors has increased. In the very near term however we remain somewhat wary that markets have rallied too strongly and that further profit taking and lower markets are quite possible.


More pension tax changes to come?

As we predicted in our last Weekly Tax Brief, higher rate tax relief for pension contributions is once again in the firing line.


Changing Sentiment Toward's The Euro?

I am indebted to Chris Charlton from the foreign exchange specialists, Centa Asset Management in Frankfurt who regularly produces fascinating views and opinions on the varying strengths of the differing currencies.


Don’t shoot the goose

No reasonable person contests the idea that we should all pay our proper dues. Nevertheless, in a week when it has emerged that HMRC wrote off £10.9 billion last year (with the Treasury expressing ‘some surprise’ according to the Public


Is the demise of Swiss private banking gathering pace?

Beyond talk at the time from a few consultants that difficulties at the banks would herald in a period of consolidation in Swiss banking, not much thought was given to the wider implications of what was going on at Sarasin and Vontobel.


United tax evasion defences start to crumble

All eyes will be on the year end results from Switzerland’s biggest banks this coming week, but thoughts will also be turned to the fallout from tax evasion scandals.



So just how much sweet and sour can we take in a week?


Renmimbi Rising

George Osborne's efforts last week to try and establish London as the Western centre for the trading of the Chinese currency should be congratulated however, some of the headlines seemed to get a little enthusiastic over something which is going to b