America's Richest Hedge Fund Managers

The hedge fund industry is going through tough times. The average hedge fund manager has been unable to beat the market for the last 20 months.


Ex-Adam & Co chair Entwistle: why UK needs a new bank

Ex-Adam & Co chairman Ray Entwistle is considering launching his new UK private bank with backing from a foreign institution and has said that a potential strategy to acquire investment management businesses could be put on ice.


High Tax Net by Gary Heynes, Baker Tilly

HMRC and HM Treasury (HMT) announced last week that, as a result of greater scrutiny of the tax affairs of taxpayers in HMRC’s High Net Worth Unit (HNWU) which was set up three years ago


The 20 Most Expensive Cities On The Planet

The rundown takes into account wage levels around the world, and is based on living expenses such as food, rent, clothing, electronics, and services like haircuts and phone charges.


Rock of Ages

Family-wealth advisor Rockefeller & Co. was hit by both the financial crisis and the death of its CEO. Not only did it survive, it thrived.


Bank-bashing London 'at risk of losing out’ to New York

London risks being eclipsed by New York as the capital is hit by “banker bashing” and badly thought-out property tax rises, according to the man behind One Hyde Park, the UK’s most expensive residential development.


Private banks set to benefit from Qatar wealth management

Wealth transfer to the next generation provides private banks with opportunities to “deepen relationships” with their clients and “fulfil the social promise as engines of economic prosperity”, says a top Standard Chartered executiv


The Exchange Bridge to the East by Justin Urquhart Stewart

Earlier this year I was writing about the mutter from the gutter concerning the possible linking up of the London Stock Exchange and the Singapore Stock Exchange, and now it seems mercurially as though something is about to happen.


Bad advice more popular than ever

“A BOOK advising married women to have affairs has sparked renewed interest in really bad advice. Experts say Catherine Hakim’s The New Rules of Marriage, which claims that having affairs makes relationships stronger, shows a demand for self-h