Middle East among top 10 global luxury markets

The Middle East ranks in the top 10 list of global luxury markets, a report said, adding that regional consumption went up by 11 per cent in 2014, fuelled by the growth in tourism as well by a hike in the number of new malls in the GCC.


The Wealth Gap Between Rich And Poor Is The Widest Ever Recorded

The wealth disparity between upper and middle income Americans has hit a record high, according to a new Pew Research Center Report. On average, today’s upper-income families are almost seven times wealthier than middle-income ones, compared to 3.4


Towry: Adviser numbers up 9% in 2014

Adviser numbers have increased by nine per cent this year, which proves that the industry is beginning to prosper following the Retail Distribution Review rules bedding-in.


Young, rich and black

The chasm between the wealthy and poor shows no signs of narrowing, but the pool of super-rich people appears to be changing colour.


Switch Off To Switch Off

Well despite all our enthusiastic festivities, it looks as though 2015 will start in a world of worry.


Substance Drives Up Interest In Guernsey

Fiona Le Poidevin, the former Chief Executive of Guernsey Finance, explains why issues of substance are driving up interest among fund managers in the potential upside of relocating to Guernsey.


The Best Of Both Worlds In Guernsey

Jo Stoddart of Quintessential Relocation Consultants considers some of the reasons why financiers would look to relocate to Guernsey.