The people’s platform: Axa Wealth

Questions over due diligence, client segmentation and charging, together with the recent pension rule changes, will force the platform industry to step up its game to better serve clients


Spies drawn by Norway’s wealth

Norway’s emergence as a wealthy country, with one of the biggest and most powerful investment funds in the world, is being cited as one of the reasons that spies are targeting Norwegian government and business leaders.


10 Best Schools If You Want To Work At Top Hedge Fund

SumZero, a social network dedicated to the buy side community, crunched the numbers and came up with a list of the universities boasting the highest number of graduates at the very best hedge funds.


London Most Expensive Luxury Market in New Global City Rankings

According to a new luxury residential property report from CBRE that compares world's key global cities favored by high net worth individuals called Global Living Survey: Global Cities Compared -- the rising surge of urban living is leading to height


Arabian Business Rich List: How we did it

Our first ever Rich List was published in 2004, and at the time caused considerable controversy. No magazine had ever attempted to assess the wealth of the world’s richest Arabs, and nobody had ever come close to publishing it in such detail.


The HNI shopping cart

A high net worth individual spends on an average $1.1 million a year on luxury goods


Fewer, Bigger Firms Are the Way of the Future

Wealth management firms and asset managers with retail third-party distribution understand the risk associated with an aging advisory population and few solutions on the horizon," states Bing Waldert, director at Cerulli.