Standard Chartered in 'wilful' breach apology

Sir John Peace, the chairman of Standard Chartered, has been forced to issue a humbling apology for claiming that the bank had no “wilful” intention to break US sanction rules.


French budget minister in tax fraud probe resigns

His resignation comes at a sensitive time for Hollande's government as it undertakes a process of redrafting deficit reduction plans vital to maintaining fiscal credibility with France's euro zone partners.


RBI to probe gold coin sales, wealth management at banks

The Reserve Bank of India has widened its probe of Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and HDFC to include wealth management and sale of gold coins of all active banks, a move that may lead to stricter guidelines on these activities if any loopholes are found.


Hedging through the tax charge: a threat to tax revenue

Risk management and hedging are key issues in corporate management. In certain cases, taxpayers may see an opportunity or a need to factor taxation into their hedging transactions to be fully hedged on an after-tax basis.