Hedge fund founder reveals £34m tax bill

The 51-year-old admitted that he was not "whiter than white" and had paid an overall rate of just 39pc in the last financial year, as he makes the majority of his money from dividends rather than salary, which are taxed at a lower rate.


Former Credit Suisse banker arrested

"He was taken into police custody and extradition proceedings will commence at Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow," a police spokesman said.


Alexander to end contracts for tax evaders

“Taxpayers’ money should not be funding tax dodgers,” he told the Liberal Democrat conference. “So I have tasked HMRC and the Cabinet Office to come up with a workable solution to this problem and we will set out more details later


UBS ignored rules for profit, says "rogue trader" lawyer

Managers at Swiss bank UBS turned a blind eye when traders exceeded their agreed limits as long as the bank was making money from their deals, a lawyer for accused "rogue trader" Kweku Adoboli told a London court on Thursday.