Russia eyes luxury tax

Russia plans to introduce a tax on luxuries eyeing the European experience, although many experts doubt this ‘Robin Hood’ initiative will be successful.


Wealthy tax avoiders to feel Pravin's wrath

Elzahne Henn of global audit, tax and advisory firm Mazars said there would be "no good news for wealthy tax avoiders in 2012" when the Budget was delivered by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on February 22.


"Incredulity" at broken Commerzbank pay pledge-banker

The London-based bankers, whose claims range from around 15,000 euros to 2.6 million, launched their legal battle in late 2009 after some were paid only 10 percent of the discretionary bonuses they were promised for 2008 out of a guaranteed minimum bonus


Regulators block global exchange consolidation

Regulators and some lawmakers in Europe, the U.S. and Asia have fared little better, resorting at times to nationalist sentiment to block exchange consolidation, alongside analysis that at times seemed out of step with a world of round-the-clock global tr