Top Ten Most Outrageous Billionaire Weddings

The affair itself was understated: Chan’s simple, pretty dress cost $4,700, a fraction of the money celebs like Kim Kardashian routinely spend on enormous gowns.


Nissan Plans Luxury-Brand Headquarters in Hong Kong

Infiniti in April moved its global headquarters to Hong Kong in a bid to take advantage of the city’s appetite for high-end cars as well as its proximity to mainland China, a key market for global car makers amid the global economic downturn.


The Somali millionaire 'thanked' for being rich

The emirate of Dubai is one of the richest places in the world with a large population of foreign nationals - including tens of thousands of expat Somalis, some wealthier and more successful than others.


How to Save the World With 75 Billion Dollars

If you had $75 billion and wanted to do something really useful with it, what should you spend it on? This is the question that has occupied the minds of 65 researchers and a panel of some of the world's top economists (including four Nobel Laureates


Porsche Macan (2013) scooped: spyshots of baby 4x4

Porsche has already confirmed its new smaller SUV called Macan - and here it is. Our new spyshots of the Macan baby 4x4 reveal the size and shape of the new soft-roader to slot beneath the Cayenne.


Special report: private jet business travel

here's an overly and often inaccurately used word, along with the much-abused “unique”. However, for once both may apply here at Farnborough airport in Hampshire. Owned and run by TAG Aviation, it’s the only airport in the UK exclus


Sampoerna family moves into banking

Although the sector has already seen the presence of various big banks, Bank Sahabat Sampoerna president director Indra W. Supriadi said the market was still large enough for a new player.


Most Powerful Arab Business Women

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), Sheikha Al-Bahar was placed as the top 100 leading business women in the Arab world, according to Forbes Middle East Magazine May issue.