BMW declared as the most reputable company

Apart from BMW, Daimler (Mercedes Benz) and Volkswagen, the other auto manufactures which featured in the Top 100 reputed companies list include Honda Motors - 22, Toyota Motors - 37, Nissan Motors - 62, Suzuki Motors - 88 and Hyundai - 96.


DeLorean bicycle is a blast from the past

The DeLorean brand – best known for the modified car used in the 1984 film Back to the Future – has remerged from the past as a stainless steel-framed bicycle.


Picking today's royal investments

Sixty years is a very long time when it comes to savings and investment, but with life expectancy pushing 90 financial planning for the very long term is becoming a must.


Top Ten Most Outrageous Billionaire Weddings

The affair itself was understated: Chan’s simple, pretty dress cost $4,700, a fraction of the money celebs like Kim Kardashian routinely spend on enormous gowns.


Nissan Plans Luxury-Brand Headquarters in Hong Kong

Infiniti in April moved its global headquarters to Hong Kong in a bid to take advantage of the city’s appetite for high-end cars as well as its proximity to mainland China, a key market for global car makers amid the global economic downturn.