Yachts cruise in as new symbols of wealth

Yachts are like cars, and are available in multiple sizes and price ranges. Entry-level , sixseat speedboats are available from Rs 10 lakh onwards and, depending on features, material used (fibre glass, wood, carbon fibre, etc), horsepower and seating ca


Harvard Billionaires

Did you know that the Ivy League university produces the most billionaires?


Russian billionaire tops NY real estate market

­The apartment at 15 Central Park West boasts four bedrooms, a gallery, bar, library and a hugewrap-around terrace giving views of the New York skyline and Central Park.


Lifestyles of rich and famous, Kremlin style

Forget the recent gangland murder of Chechnya's best-known poet. Instead, ordinary Russians have been transfixed by another news story taking place in a small island country far away.