Hard times on billionaire’s beach

The thin strip of oceanfront in Malibu known as “Billionaire’s Beach” was supposed to be immune from the housing crisis.


Ultra-private 'fixers' for the super-rich

The most important rule for the well-mannered, expensively educated and immaculately groomed young ladies who work for lifestyle management company, Concierge is never, ever be rude to clients.


Amazon Chief's Spaceship Misfires

An unmanned spaceship funded by Internet billionaire Jeff Bezos veered out of control and had to be destroyed during a recent test flight, highlighting the dramatic risks of private space ventures.


Wealthy auction off mansions after price cuts fail

Real estate auctions, long used in the sale of foreclosed properties, are becoming more popular among wealthy homeowners to drum up interest in mansions that have languished on the market after the housing crash. In exchange for a quicker sale, many sell