New rules, tough talk as Singapore seeks to end tax haven image

As Singapore revels in its reputation as an open economy with the world's highest concentration of millionaires, the tiny island of 5.3 million people is also accused of being a magnet for tax evaders - an image it is vehemently seeking to banish.


Please Don’t Hunt For the Red October by Justin Urquhart Stewart

For those with very long memories it is also the 105th anniversary of the 1907 Panic when the gloriously named Knickerbocker Trust collapsed, along with a run on the banks which was finally halted by the famed John Pierpont Morgan (or JP Morgan to you and


UK tax system succeeds in wooing inward investment

While arguments about taxing the rich, cutting benefits and boosting demand in the economy continue, with the party conference season coming to an end eyes are beginning to turn towards the Autumn Statement which will be given by the Chancellor of the Exc


The Good lose out by Justin Urquhart Stewart

What has seemed most unfair has been that those who have correctly “played by the rules” by saving conscientiously, paying down debts and spending reasonably, have been the ones that have suffered the most over the past few years.