Burgernomics: the Big Mac Index

The index is not perfect and the relationship does not hold in reality because of a number of factors, but it is useful in highlighting big anomalies. Thus on a light-hearted look, Big Macs are now cheapest in Hong Kong and cost less in London than Zurich


The Mess We’re In by Tim Price

The latest offering¹ in the increasingly crowded pantheon of financial crisis porn stands apart from its competitors for at least three very specific reasons:


Gosh, what an event! by Justin Urquhart Stewart

With the Olympics, Paralympics and holidays, it can only be hoped that there is enough going on elsewhere to stop some of our more populist media from getting into a frenetic frenzy over the financial markets again.


No Great Divide at Citi

While on a trip to Singapore, Mr. Reed, then head of Citicorp, wrote to Mr. Weill, the boss of Travelers Group Inc., with a novel idea: After we merge the two companies, let's quickly split them apart.


View on the global economy - Psigma

Over the last month we have presented our latest thoughts on the global economy and financial markets to a number of intermediaries and contacts across the UK. In this month's View from Psigma we have collated the key questions that we were asked (an


The Men Who Run HSBC

On the other hand, some of the worst investments to hold are those run by executives collecting fat rewards as the underlying business goes to pot.