Business ethics: split the myth from the hard reality

Al Gini, a professor of business ethics at the School of Business Administration at Loyola University in Chicago, has a different perspective. He argues that business is not inherently bad, it just happens to offer many temptations – to counter this


London No Longer Safe for the Wealthy

Panic rooms, gun safes and machine-gun-proof doors are appearing in London homes of the super-rich as, foreign newcomers bring their security issues to the UK capital.


ECB gets more serious about saving the euro - Coutts

While the European Central Bank’s new OMT bond-purchase programme announced at today’s press conference was in line with previous leaks, by making peripheral debt potentially investable again the programme has significant ongoing investment im


Tax avoidance developments by George Bull

Following the end of the House of Commons summer recess on 3rd September 2012, we can expect even greater emphasis on measures to combat tax avoidance.


Balls - I'm planning a proper wealth tax

A future Labour government could bring in a wealth tax on high-value properties to safeguard the NHS and invest in the economy, the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls reveals today.