Sobering stuff by Tim Price

Russell Napier has written the book on bear markets. Specifically, the book is titled ‘Anatomy of the Bear: lessons from Wall Street’s four great bottoms’, and it comes highly recommended.


Wealth CEO's lambast regulatory reforms

CEOs of Australia’s financial services industry believe that the cost and complexity of regulation is crippling productivity growth at a national and industry level according to the Financial Services Council-DST Global Solutions CEO Report, release


Pictet's global monthly outlook

Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist at Pictet Asset Management provides a summary of his key market and asset allocation views.


Memo to Starbucks: UK open for business - Coutts

We believe Wednesday’s Autumn Statement from UK Chancellor George Osborne leaves the UK on the right path, although with the economy stuck in the doldrums, a credit-rating downgrade remains a threat.


Regulations making UK banks 'uninvestable'

The Government’s mission to create a safe financial system is “unrealistic” and is making the banks “uninvestable”, a group of Britain’s biggest investors has warned.


Ethical investment takes root

New research shows that awareness of ethical investments is growing, and almost half of us are likely to opt for them in the future