A long day in taxes by George Bull

As the summer of sport continues with Wimbledon and the thoughts of hopeful executives turn to corporate hospitality, budget holders might wish to consider the full cost of the swing tags, dining vouchers and ground passes that they hand out. What is the


US, China to drive S'pore growth: UBS

He said that the austerity measures currently in place were insufficient as there had to be a "balance between austerity and growth", and that the focus should be on "fiscal discipline", not austerity alone.


Advice for Global Bank CEOs

Strategic planning is back. With so much uncertainty, bank CEOs need to rethink where their institution adds value to customers, who those customers are today and who they might be in the future.


A New generation of peers by Justin Urquhart Stewart

The sums as yet may seem small when compared to the leviathan banks that we are all so much more familiar with, but there is a vibrant and growing deposit and lending service which I believe has the opportunity of creating a very exciting and timely alter


BMO Father's Day Study: Forget the Tie-Dad Wants To Be His Own Boss

According to Statistics Canada, 1.7 million Canadian men are self-employed in Canada - accounting for 65 per cent of total - 82 percent of men would like to start their own business - 83 per cent of Canadian men say having access to role models or mentors


A crazy foreigner under the French sun

We had also spent lazy afternoons enviously looking at bargain property prices in estate agents’ windows, so we knew that our British pounds would buy a lot more house and land in rural France.


JPMorgan targets more British millionaires

A drive to attract more British millionaire clients marks a first phase of plans by JPMorgan (JPM.N) to expand its private banking services across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), targeting clients who are rich if not yet in the "ultra rich