Avoid retreating into safe havens, says Barclays Wealth

Gardiner recommends investors take overweight positions in US and Europe ex-UK equities, as he says “the euro is not going to break up” and “the world is probably not going to follow Europe into recession”.


Is the Financial Crisis a Male Syndrome?

Testosterone, rather than neurons, may push male egos into ever-more-complex speculative bets, a gambling binge made possible by advanced technology, mathematical techniques, and globalization.


HSBC lifts gold price forecast

HSBC lifted its 2012 gold price forecast to $2,025 an ounce from $1,625 previously, while GFMS said it could “easily” see gold spiking through $2,000 an ounce by the end of this year.


A world without growth is a possibility

The author of Extreme Money, Satyajit Das, says that governments are fixated on economic growth strategies to get out of the sovereign debt mess they are in. But he says they don't appear to have considered what will happen if growth does not recover


7 Ways To Motivate Your Employees

Marketing and strategy might be what initially gets a company noticed, but there is one component in the workplace essential for success: motivated employees.


10 reasons why you are not rich

OPINION: You have doubtless read plenty about how to get rich, but have you explored the flipside - the blunders that thwart you from making a fortune?