Ethical investment takes root

New research shows that awareness of ethical investments is growing, and almost half of us are likely to opt for them in the future


Advisers look to platforms for support in post-rdr world - Aviva

According to the latest Adviser Barometer research from Aviva, in the final quarter before the Retail Distribution Review is implemented in January 2013, over a third of advisers (34%) say they are contemplating changing their main platform in the next 1


Global trends in financial advice

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) in the UK and the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) Act in Australia are examples of a new regulatory regime that embraces the fee-for-service business model in wealth management.


What Millionaire Women Want - RESEARCH

What millionaires are thinking and doing can be a strong indicator of certain financial trends. Fidelity's fifth Millionaire Outlook reveals how millionaires' background, financial outlook and goals have greatly impacted their investment behavio


Buffett renewing call for millionaire’s tax

As the country approaches the fiscal cliff, Obama has insisted that Bush-era tax cuts — set to expire at the beginning of 2013 — expire for families making $250,000 and above.